When you first open a business, one of the things you need to do from the start is advertise in order to let your customers know who you are, where you are and what you do. One way to accomplish this is to write a letter to introduce yourself to customers. These customers might be friends, family or members of the community that you feel will benefit from the products you have to offer.

Step 1.

Open up your word processing program on your computer. Click on "New Document." Set the page size, margins and font for your letter. The most common way to format a business letter is in block format. Adjust your margins so the entire letter is justified to the left, and use single spacing. Use double spacing between paragraphs. The typical business font is Times New Roman in a size 12.

Step 2.

Write about your business. Tell your customer the name of your company, where you are located, how long you have been in business and why you decided to open your business. Let your customer know what type of value you will offer to them and to the local community.

Step 3.

Describe details of the nature of your business. Tell about the company or organization and what types of products you offer.

Step 4.

Explain to the customer why buying from you is better than buying from your competitors.

Step 5.

Give customers a reason to choose you. Let the reader know how you will save them money and time, and explain why your product is a must have. Offer your customers solutions to problems and challenges they may be facing.

Step 6.

Encourage the customer to visit your business by offering a grand opening, an open house or some type of coupon. This will also give your letter staying power, meaning it will give the customer a reason to keep your letter around if there is a specific date or special offer.

Step 7.

Use “you” and “yours” to build the customers' trust and let them know that your desire to get to know them comes before your desire to sell them a product.

Step 8.

Educate your customers on how they can make a purchase from your business. Let them know if you have an online presence and if they can purchase products online or over the phone.

Step 9.

Thank the customer for taking the time to read your letter. Let your customers know their time is appreciated and that you hope to see them soon.