How to Write a Relocation Letter

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When your business moves to a new location, it's important to ensure that all of your business contacts, customers and vendors are aware of the change. Failure to alert contacts of relocation can have damaging effects to your company. A simple letter or statement on a website will lessen the chance of confusion among your business contacts.

Create different groups from your business contacts.
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Compile a list of every business contact that is affected by the move. You may wish to organize each contact into a different group, such as clients, advertisers, the Post Office, other federal and state agencies and vendors. Creating different categories will allow you to inform each group in the appropriate manner.

Send letters with important information to each contact.
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Write letters to each group that contain important relocation information, such as the current and new address, new telephone numbers and the date of your move. You should also include written directions or a simple map so each group understands where to find your new location. Keep the letter concise, letting your contacts know why you're moving and any other aspects of your move that might affect business.

Inform contacts online with a relocation notice.
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Post a copy of your relocation letter to the company website after sending the hard copies to business contacts in the mail. This ensures that more people and businesses will know that your business has relocated, especially potential customers and other business contacts. You may also wish to send a mass email out to each of your business contacts to make sure the message gets to those who do not visit your website.


  • Send the letter at least two weeks before your relocation to avoid confusion.