Whenever your business receives packages through UPS, you have the option to provide specific delivery instructions for the driver to leave it at a certain door or other safe location. You can simply add the instructions through your package's tracking page for no charge before the scheduled delivery or redelivery date, or you can try to leave a note for the driver. Your other options include intercepting the package to have it redirected to another address or held at an authorized location for pickup at a convenient time.

Providing UPS Delivery Instructions Online

If you're looking for the easiest way to request that the driver leave your package at a certain place, like a specific door or your garage, then you can open a free UPS My Choice account for your business. This will allow you to see all incoming packages on a calendar, and you can select a specific delivery day and package to see all the details. You can also access the same option if you run your tracking number or InfoNotice number directly through UPS's tracking tool and then log in with your UPS My Choice account to authorize the change.

You'll find an "Add Delivery Instructions" button to click above the current tracking details. You can specify to leave the package at the front, side or back door, on a porch, with a neighbor, in a garage or at a custom location. You'll also have a text box where you can give additional information, such as the neighbor's address or directions to the custom location you want to use.

Note that if your package requires a signature, someone will still need to be present at the package drop-off site to sign for it. However, you can also check if your package qualifies for an online signature option that you should find on the package's UPS tracking page.

Changing a Delivery Address

When you need to change the delivery address entirely, such as if the package got shipped to the wrong address, then you can try to do a package intercept. You'll see a "Change Delivery" button on your UPS package's tracking page in UPS My Choice.

Clicking it brings up an option to deliver to another address and to specify the location and contact details. UPS will also state the fee you have to pay for the request unless you're a UPS My Choice Premium member. After you submit and make any needed payment, you'll get confirmation of the change and its success.

Note that some package senders may not allow you to change the delivery address, so you might find this option unavailable for certain packages, such as those of high value. In that case, you may consider calling UPS customer service at 1-800-742-5877 to arrange to have the package left at a UPS Store, a UPS Access Point or another authorized location. You could also contact the seller in that situation.

Considering Other Delivery Options

If you're not able to specify the package drop-off location online for some reason, you can try leaving a note for the UPS driver where he usually leaves your company's packages. This doesn't guarantee that the driver will leave the package at the stated location, though. It won't work for packages that need a signature where nobody is present either.

UPS also has many locations where you can have your package safely held if you won't be present or don't have a secure place to drop it off. For example, you can have your UPS package held at your local UPS Store or at a UPS Access Point like CVS, Michaels or other local businesses. You'll find the option to hold your package at one of these places on your tracking page, and you can check the UPS locator tool for the nearest options.