Skip paying a fortune for a printing service to create ID badges for you. Instead, you can make your own for free, using a computer with Internet access and a printer. ID badges are useful for many events from business gatherings to church get-togethers. They allow other attendees to easily see who is a part of the event.

Things You Will Need
  • Computer

  • Internet access

  • Microsoft Word

  • Printer

  • Internet


Step 1.

Visit a badge making website. The website Big Huge Labs is one that specializes in making simple ID badges.

Step 2.

Scroll down and click on the words “Badge Maker” located on the main page.

Step 3.

Upload the photo of your choice to the website before you customize it with colors, name, text and other information.

Step 4.

Click on the “Create” button at the bottom of the customization page.

Step 5.

Visit the Easy Card Creator website.

Step 6.

Click on the Easy Card Creator Express Edition Free Download button, then follow the prompts to load it onto your computer. The trial is for 14 days and will allow you to design and print your employee cards, name badges and labels. Keep in mind that you will have the word "TRIAL" printed somewhere on each card, as this is a free trial.

Step 7.

Create your ID badge by inserting your names, information and pictures or logos and then print out.

Microsoft Word

Step 1.

Open a new document in Microsoft Office Word. Click on the tab titled “Mailings” and then click on “Start Mail Merge.” A list will drop down and you will click on “Labels.” You can find an ID badge template from this list. Avery, a common template for Microsoft Word, has a badge template under number ‘2954’ on this list.

Step 2.

Click on the word “Insert” on the main menu in Microsoft Office Word. Then click on “Picture” to insert a picture of your choice. You can position the picture wherever you want on the badge. You can use this same step to insert a logo, if needed. You will also need to enter ID information, name and text as needed.

Step 3.

Print and save the ID badge. You can print it on heavy cardstock and laminate, if desired.