How to Get UPS Self Service Drop Boxes On Site

by Marguerite Lance; Updated September 26, 2017

UPS drop boxes allow individuals shipping items up to 16-inches-by-13-inches-by-13-inches within the United States and Internationally. All UPS service levels are accepted at drop boxes. There are more than 40,000 drop boxes available in the United States, and UPS is open to increasing the number of drop boxes available. Adding a UPS drop box to your business could be useful if you have a large number of employees or if you have customers interested in such a service.

Step 1

Navigate to the UPS Find Locations Web page. Enter your business' location into the address fields to determine if there is already a local UPS drop box within three city blocks of your business location. If there is a drop box nearby, it may not be necessary to request a UPS drop box; however, you can still contact UPS to see if they will comply.

Step 2

Identify an appropriate person to contact UPS to request a drop box. Appropriate individuals include managers, business owners or building owners. Requests from other business employees will not be fulfilled by UPS.

Step 3

Email UPS at stating that you would like to request a drop box/Letter Center at your business. Include your status within your organization. Your request will be forwarded to the appropriate department and UPS will contact you.


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