In the last 20 years, according to Chris Betcher, "the white board has taken over from the chalkboard as the choice display apparatus in classrooms and boardrooms." This is partly because many white boards -- or dry erase boards -- are smaller, cheaper and easier to clean. When used properly and cleaned regularly, the dry erase board maintains an unblemished sheen -- perfect for writing on. But even the dry erase board can become scratched from misuse. There is one proven way to recondition the board after it has been scratched.

Things You Will Need
  • Dry erase board

  • Dry eraser

  • Towel

  • Paint pad

  • MB4000W white board repair

  • Dry erase marker

Clean the board of all debris and marks as you normally would with a towel or a dry eraser. For tough stains or permanent marks, there is a product sold by Solutions MB Inc. called MB10W white board cleaner. Other products, such as Goo Gone, Orange Glow, rubbing alcohol and even white toothpaste, also work well.

Purchase the Solutions MB product MB4000W white board repair. Apply a thin layer of the solution to the entire white board for severe damage. For boards with minor scratches or defects, apply the solution directly to the spots, and lightly.

Rub the solution with a paint pad evenly over the scratch or the entire board, depending on the damage. A small amount of solution should be ample in most cases.

Let the board dry for at least one hour.

Wait about 72 hours before marking on the board and using it as you normally would. The solution creates a clear and entirely new surface on which to write after drying.


Make sure to clean the board entirely before applying the white board repair solution.


Use of the MB10W white board cleaner is recommended and favorable before the application of the white board repair; failure to use both products may result in a damaged board. Failure to wait the required 72 hours after applying white board repair may result in permanent damage to the board.