Konica Minolta produces printers and copiers for worldwide distribution -- from desktop home use to stand-alone office models. As with most newer digital devices, you can reset the circuitry to revert to factory default settings. You may need to perform this reset during troubleshooting or when you start fresh with a new device and would like to do the same with its settings. In either case, resetting your Minolta imaging unit is a straightforward process.

Press the "Stop/Reset" button on the display panel to reset the copy job list and any settings programmed from the control panel. If you want to reset the entire machine, continue to Step 2.

Press "Menu/Select" on the display panel.

Select "Utility," "Machine Setting" and then "Auto Panel Reset" using the arrow keys.

Turn off your copier at the power switch, usually located on the side of the device near the bottom, then turn it back on to begin anew with factory settings.

Download your device's specific manual (see the link in the Resources section) for instructions specific to your particular model.