Bodybuilding and fitness supplements are a highly lucrative industry. Like any other business, selling bodybuilding supplements can be a successful venture if you do the research, learn your market and develop a successful plan of action. If you already have a passion for the health and fitness industry, especially as it pertains to bodybuilding (which can also include aspects of weight loss, weight gain and diet and nutrition programs), then this might be the best way to pursue your passion while earning a profit.

Step 1.

Incorporate your business according to applicable state and federal laws in your area. Different states within the United States, and different countries throughout the world have different business incorporation requirements. Determine those of your state by contacting your local business Chamber of Commerce.

Step 2.

Choose a business structure you'd like to pursue. You can opt to sell your bodybuilding supplements on your own, or develop an affiliate or reseller program. You can also choose to sell others' bodybuilding supplements through a health franchise such as GNC.

Step 3.

Develop strong marketing campaigns online and offline. If you don't sell your merchandise offline, you can still provide offline marketing campaigns for your business. Offer coupons to customers in your local paper and other areas nearby, as well as advertise via flyers and other promotional methods. Develop a social media campaign online to help drive business to your site.

Step 4.

Know your products. Knowing your products involves knowing what the top selling products are in the bodybuilding community, how they work and which customers they work best for. It also allows you to develop strong product knowledge and credibility, which can help you build a strong community and fan base for your business.

Step 5.

Consider the expert credibility that comes with developing your own brand of products. Developing a supplement brand can be considered highly expensive, but if done correctly, this is also a lucrative area in which you can make money. If you build a large enough brand, other businesses might become interested in distributing and selling your product for you, which builds passive income.


Develop knowledge of the bodybuilding industry. The more knowledge you have, the better you can assist your customers and make a name for your business.


Don't get caught without strong knowledge of your products. The easiest way to lose credibility is to get caught giving poor or incorrect information about a product. Poor credibility will affect your bottom line, and you will lose money.