Businesses rely on sending and receiving packages in order to efficiently complete daily business and serve customers. When your tracking number goes missing, mix some persistence with a dab of creativity in order to locate your package and keep things running smoothly in the office.

Contact the Merchant

If your business in the recipient, contact the merchant. In some cases, you can access your account online and find a list of orders that will include your tracking number. Otherwise, call the merchant to find out what to do. Sometimes, companies can look up your order number by name, company name, business address or phone number and help you access your tracking number that way. Other times, a trip to the merchant's storefront will allow them to track down your package using your credit card or by accessing store records.

Track Down the Receipt

Often, tracking numbers are listed on the receipt, especially when you mail a package directly from the carrier. If you use an internet-based mailing platform, the tracking number could be listed there. If you mailed the package directly from the carrier's storefront and your office has a policy of sending all receipts to accounting, you might be able to find the tracking number by simply checking with accounting. Check your vehicle, work vehicle, bags and pockets for the receipt. Even if the receipt does not list the tracking number, sometimes companies like FedEx can use the invoice number or other information on the receipt to track down your package.

Check for Photos

Some companies take photos of outgoing packages for customers, or even post fun photos on social media, as part of their customer service. Check your social media, the other company's social media and your company photo database to see if there happens to be a photo of the package there. You might be able to zoom in on the image in order to see the tracking number on the box.

Check Your Apps

If your company or customer uses services like UPS My Choice or USPS Informed Delivery to manage deliveries, you might be able to see where your package is simply by checking your phone or email account. When a package is scheduled for delivery at your address, the service sends notifications so that you can manage or reschedule your delivery. These notifications include the tracking number.

Contact the Carrier

When you cannot find the receipt and have no other way of finding your missing tracking number, try contacting the carrier. Sometimes the receiving post office can look for a package that meets your description and delivery address in order to confirm its arrival. Other carriers might be able to use a reference number, P.O. number, invoice number or package number to help you track down your package and ease your mind. You may also be able to submit a search request with everything you know about your package, in order to help your carrier track it down for you.