How to Set Up a Web Page to Sell Photos

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Many photographers use their website to display their portfolio, but the website can also be set up to sell both digital photo files and prints. The web page acts as a gallery, while the implementation of e-commerce features makes it possible to take orders and collect payments. The initial setup takes a moderate amount of time and financial investment, but once complete, the website has the ability to promote and sell your photos 24 hours a day.

Register a unique domain name. Select a name that is easy to remember and spell. Ensure that the domain you have chosen is available. Conduct a search with your domain name provider prior to purchasing.

Select an online photography shopping cart. The web shopping cart installs on your website and allows your customers to purchase photo prints or digital files, based on your preferences. Look for a program that will convert your images to low-resolution files, and creates a watermark to prevent unauthorized use of your photos.

Sign up for a web hosting service. Some photo shopping cart products offer hosting services in addition to product checkout. Look for a reliable hosting service with minimal server downtime and excellent reviews. Hosting prices vary based on bandwidth used and file storage space.

Set up payment options. Select an online payment provider in order to accept credit cards, and link the service to your shopping cart. Payment providers often charge between 2 percent and 3 percent in transaction fees for credit card orders.

Upload and price your photographs to your web gallery. Build your photo gallery using software from your photo shopping cart provider or a third-party company. If you have the technical ability, you can also build your photo gallery using HTML. Transfer your photo files and pricing information to your hosting service prior to launching your e-commerce website.


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