How to Teach Art Classes As a Business

Although most professional artists typically make their income from sales through their own studio, commissioned work or exhibits at a gallery, some artists also bring in additional income by teaching art classes as a secondary or even full-time business. You may think that if you do not have a degree in art that no one would be interested in learning from you. However, if you can convey the knowledge you have in a way that is entertaining and easy to understand, you may find that teaching art as a business is a profitable and enjoyable way to make a living.

Choose the type of students you want to teach. Decide if you will gear your classes toward children, amateurs or other professional artists. You may also wish to hold workshops for toddlers and their parents or senior citizens.

Determine which techniques you will teach in your classes. For example, you might teach a class on how to paint landscapes or how to draw animals.

Plan where you will teach your classes. If you will initially have a small number of students, you might teach them in the studio of your home. You also may wish to consider community centers or other art-related businesses in your area that might have space you can rent.

Prepare a price plan for your class. Include the cost of materials if you will provide the students with a kit. Take into account the time you will spend per class and the amount of knowledge you will teach to price the classes accordingly.

Advertise your classes at schools, libraries and other art-related businesses with flyers and brochures. Establish a blog or website to keep students informed of upcoming classes.


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