With a downturn in the economy, many businesses and individuals are looking for donations, especially from larger companies. These companies have a greater financial stability, making them a better target for donations. Also, you might be able to get higher priced items, such as televisions and cars. This article explains how to get donations from larger companies.

Things You Will Need
  • computer

  • telephone book

  • telephone

  • company letterhead paper

  • receipt book

How to Get Donations from Larger Companies

Step 1.

Research large companies in your area. By calling the local Chamber of Commerce, you can get a list of large companies. Also speak with others in the business world that might be able to tell you the names of generous companies.

Step 2.

Make a list of the companies. Call each one and ask who handles donations at their company. It will sometimes be the Public Relations department. Briefly explain your need for donations, and if the company replies that they do donate items, ask for their address and to whom a donation letter should be addressed.

Step 3.

Create a request-for-donation letter. Keep the requests simple and specific for each company. Only print the letter on company letterhead or create a professional looking header yourself. Include your company's address, email and phone number. Also include whom they should contact regarding the donations. Always type the address on the envelope so the envelope looks professional

Step 4.

Provide a receipt to the company that donates items. They will be able to deduct the donated items on their tax returns at the end of the year.

Step 5.

Give a plaque or newspaper recognition to the large company who donated the items. Also send them a thank-you letter. If you remember them and give them public recognition, they will be more likely to give again in the future.