Copiers today can do much more than make a copy of a document. Copiers can make multi-sided copies, collate copies, shrink and enlarge copies, lighten and darken copies, produce mirror image copies and even make reversed images where light is dark and dark is light. Ricoh copiers have a variety of options, depending on the model, and many of them can create the reverse image copies. Creating a reverse image of a document is a simple process if the copier has that capability.

Place the original document in the document feeder face down. The document feeder will have an indicator with a small image indicating where the face of the document should go. You also can place the document face down directly on the exposure glass.

Press the “Clear Modes” key to clear any previously entered copy settings.

Press the “Edit/Color” or the “Edit/Stamp” key on the screen, depending on which option is offered by the copier. This will vary by model.

Select the “Edit Image” key to select the image settings.

Press the “Positive/Negative” option key. The colors and shadings of the original will be reversed.

Select the “OK” key to set the options and press the “START” key to start the copying.