Starting your own house cleaning business in Colorado can be an exciting yet intimidating experience. According to, the house cleaning business is a very low cost start-up and is growing by 20 percent per year. The state of Colorado will require a business name to be registered but does not require additional permits or licenses to operate a house cleaning business.

Step 1.

Visit the Colorado Secretary of State website to register your business name. As an alternative, you can visit the Secretary of State office located in downtown Denver.

Secretary of State 1700 Broadway, Ste 200 Denver CO 80290

Step 2.

Visit a local Colorado insurance agent who works with businesses. You should be bonded to cover any damage or theft incurred by yourself or employees of your cleaning business. Imagine an employee breaking an expensive antique while cleaning a house. Rather than being held responsible for the loss, the insurance policy will cover the cost minus the deductible you establish.

Step 3.

Contact other local cleaning services in your Colorado community to determine the average costs, cleaning area and policies. Create your own business criteria using this as a guideline. Charging higher than average for a new business may hamper your growth unless you offer something additional to the client.

Step 4.

Purchase cleaning supplies. Consider the types of cleaning you will offer when purchasing the supplies. Some standards supplies are mops, buckets, stainless steel cleaner, wood cleaner, hard water remover, window cleaner along brushes for ceiling fans and bathroom sanitizers. According to Brett Krkosska of Home Biz Tools, most house cleaning clients will prefer you use their vacuum cleaner.

Step 5.

Create a variety of advertising and promotional material. Give brochures, fliers and business cards to everyone you know and leave them in places that would be appropriate to advertise. Think of people who may benefit from a cleaning service: elderly, new mothers, busy mothers, busy professionals. Always ask permission before leaving advertising information anywhere like a doctor's office or on the bulletin board of a business.

Step 6.

Design a website to include all your business information. Let the reader see what cleaning services you offer, what area's of Colorado you work in, what your business cleaning hours are, if you offer extended or weekend hours, if so, do you charge a surcharge. The reader should be able to get a complete picture of what you offer and for what price. Make sure to include all contact information so the reader can easily schedule an appointment with you.

Step 7.

Post information on your cleaning service on free local websites or local forums with topics of interest. Finding a new mother’s group or group for elderly people may be beneficial for locating those in need of a cleaning service., and all have Denver and other Colorado area forums or access to posting ads free of charge.

Step 8.

Provide new clients with a discount for the first service and provide the client with the opportunity to receive an additional discount if he refers you to anyone else who signs up for your cleaning service. This discount can encourage clients to spread the positive word.


Consider whether you will be able to carry all your cleaning supplies in your current vehicle and whether it is reliable. If not, this is another cost to consider.


If you will buy and resell any cleaning supplies in Colorado, you must apply for a sales tax license with the Colorado Department of Revenue.