Breaking into the heavy metal world of welding puts you into a crowded group; the United States is home to approximately 13,000 structural metals manufacturers and 55,000 fabricated metal parts manufacturers alone, according to the First Research industry profiling organization. This doesn’t mean you’ve welded the door shut to a successful company. Put on the safety visor and start blazing a fiery trail for customers to make their way through the doors of your welding business.

Post an advertisement in your city’s Craigslist community (or the nearest large city or town). The best bet is under Craigslist’s “Services Offered” category under “Skilled Trade Services.” Include well-lit photographs of completed welding projects, rates and employees’ skill levels to give potential welding customers the most information.

Join the American Welding Society, which offers a searchable database for people interested in requesting welding services. Join as an individual/small business owner or put your entire company into the listing.

Contact a community college offering a welding program. The college may need your business for welding services such as as demonstrations, materials and machinery to borrow or as tutors for students.

Check the website for a welding Meetup in your area. Meetups are groups of people organized by interest and zip code. A December 2010 check of welding Meetups included groups in Riverside, California; Bloomfield, New Jersey, and Dallas. Starting a Meetup in your area may give your welding business an edge; newcomers to the group rely on the Meetup for supplies, lessons, purchases and services.

Inquire at hardware and home goods superstores about posting fliers, postcards or other advertisement materials. Some stores offer customer bulletin boards or a contact area. Leave business cards and brochures about the company.