Burial insurance is intended to help clients by covering the cost of a funeral and burial. Getting into a business that is needed no matter how bad the economy might be a great way to have a solid business. Your clients will rely on you for a good plan for burial cost coverage for themselves, their spouses, their children or their parents. Burial insurance is basically a form of life insurance. Funerals typically cost $6,000 or more, and having a plan in place so that one does not have to worry about the cost when the time comes can help a great deal. These are the steps you can follow to start a burial insurance business.

Search for your competition. Search the super pages for burial insurance businesses in your area, and keep keep track of them. You can use this information to help you see where you can do better and offer your clients more than they do. Don't be shy in letting your clients know that you know what the competition is doing and how you are providing them with a better deal.

Earn your insurance license through the state in which you will be doing business. You will be an agent in life insurance. You will need to find your state's department of insurance to apply for your license. You will need to pass an exam in order to get your license. You can contact your county clerk's office to get the contact information for the licensing procedure.

Hire an attorney who specializes in insurance businesses. You will need to have the attorney help you write a contract for clients and outline all of the terms and agreements.

Align yourself as an expert in burial insurance with local funeral homes, insurance companies, banks and other financial institutions. If clients go to these places seeking burial insurance, they can have your information on file to pass on. Give them your business card.

Promote your burial insurance business through a professional website with helpful articles. Allow clients to contact you via phone and email if they have any questions. You can sell burial insurance on your website as long as you have a payment system set up, as well as the terms and agreements spelled out.

Market your services by bulk mailing post cards or brochures created by a professional graphic designer to your local residents and businesses. Send helpful articles on burial insurance to article databases, local newspapers and more with your business contact information in it. Submit a news release online through PR Newswire and accept interviews with reporters and writers. It would be best to hire a news release writer.


Attend local business networking groups so others will know your business is available. Reassure potential clients with helpful articles so they can learn more about burial insurance.