How to Make Plastic ID Cards

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Plastic ID cards make your organization appear more sophisticated. If you add security features to the cards, they also enhance safety on your premises. You can obtain the services of a company that prints plastic ID cards to make them. If you expect to keep making plastic ID cards after the initial batch, you can also get a plastic card printer so you can print the cards yourself and minimize the cost.

Printing Company

Find companies that print plastic ID cards in your area.

Choose one company based on price, turnaround time and whether they can produce the kind of cards you want. Some companies can add security features, for example bar codes and magnetic strips so that employees can use the cards to enter the office after hours. You can usually include the company logo, a black and white or color photo and text on the card.

Specify the layout that you want. Some companies have templates that you can use. Otherwise, you can often create a customized layout. Also specify the number of cards you need and make the payment.

Take photos of the individuals for whom you want to create plastic ID cards. These can be digital or paper, depending on the company. Some companies can come to your office and take the photos for you.

Submit the information you want to place on the cards, for example the holder's name, date of birth and position in the company. The card printing company will deliver the cards when they are ready.

Own Printer

Design the card layout using the software that comes with the printer. Determine where you want to place the company logo, the photo and the text on a card.

Collect the photographs of the individuals who will hold the plastic ID cards. Also collect the details you want to print on the cards, such as name or department.

Enter the information into a database and link it to the card design file.

Insert the plastic cards into their compartment in the plastic card printer. Also check that the ink level is sufficient.

Print the plastic ID cards using the special printer.


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