Whether your nonprofit organization focuses on domestic abuse or environmental issues, applying business marketing strategies can help spread the word about your cause. A 2009 article in the "Philanthropy Journal" stresses the importance of running a nonprofit organization like a commercial business to reach out and make authentic connections with members of the community. Business cards provide a simple and professional way to advertise your nonprofit organization at community events and fundraisers. Save money by ordering free business cards as an economical promotional strategy for nonprofit organizations.

1. Step 1

Join a stationery printing website that offers free promotional products for individuals, businesses and nonprofit organizations. The online stationery company Vista Print provides 250 free business cards if you pay about $5 for shipping and handling.

2. Step 2

Navigate to the "Free Products" page of the stationery website and click on the "Free Business Cards" option.

3. Step 3

Browse the free business card design templates. Choose a design that relates to the theme or purpose of your nonprofit organization, such as an image of building blocks or cartoons for a nonprofit that helps children.

4. Step 4

Type the name and address of your nonprofit organization in the text boxes to customize your free business cards. Input the organization's phone number, web address, fax number and an email address in the appropriate text boxes. Check the contact information for accuracy and correct spelling before finalizing the template.

5. Step 5

Provide your full name, a valid email address and desired password to create a user account for the stationery printing website. Sign in using your new account information.

6. Step 6

Type in a shipping address and select the standard shipping option to avoid paying extra for expedited delivery. Provide a valid credit card to pay for the small shipping and handling fee of your free business cards.

7. Step 7

Double check your order, shipping address and payment information for accuracy before finalizing your order. Print out the confirmation page for future reference once your order has been placed.

Things You Will Need
  • Email account

  • Printer