How to Reboot a Telxon

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A Telxon portable data terminal, also known as a scanner, is used by businesses. The scanner scans and translates barcodes, which helps distributors keep track of their inventory, retailers track prices and inventory, and shippers track the movement of their packages. If the device is freezing or not working correctly, you can reboot it. Rebooting the scanner does not delete any of your saved information, however, any information that has not been saved prior to rebooting the device will be lost.

Press the "On/Off " button to turn the Telxon scanner off.

Press and hold down the "F21" and "Tab" keys. These are the bottom buttons on the left-hand side of the scanner. Continue holding down the buttons until you are told to release them.


Press the "On/Off" key one time.

Release the "F21" and "Tab" keys once the cursor in the upper-left corner of the screen begins to blink. The device has now been rebooted.



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