How to Build a Trade Show Display

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You have decided which trade shows you will attend. You have booked your booth. Now what? You are probably wondering what elements you need to include in your trade show display. When designing a trade show display, it is crucial to plan the display in advance. Ask yourself what you want to accomplish through the display, how it will meet your objectives, how large the audience of the event is, what location your display is in, the budget for your display and how your display will be transported.

Decide what type of trade show display you would like to have, and whether you will have a custom trade show display produced, or if you will adapt a used or rental unit. Keep in mind the number of shows you will attend and what you hope to accomplish at each one.

Pop-up trade show display: lightweight folding frame covered with magnetic backed fabric, vinyl or plastic panels that create curved or angled walls.

Panel trade show display: fabric covered rectangular sections connected to form a wall.

Table-top trade show display: cost-effective option perfect for smaller events, lightweight display that sits on top of a table, three panels with Velcro attached graphics and headlines.

Pull-up trade show display: lightweight, functions like a window shade in reverse, can be placed together or separately.

Choose a trade show display company that provides industry expertise and a wide variety of displays, is able to best service your needs, provides on-time delivery, meets your budget requirements and guarantees the work in writing. Attend other trade shows to research trade show display suppliers or get a referral from professional organizations and colleagues.

Contact the trade show display company you have chosen. Set up a time to talk with a representative to assess expertise, learn how each firm operations, talk about budget, request pictures of previous work and secure reference contacts.

Choose the graphics and banners you would like used on your trade show display. Ensure that your company and product name is highly visible, well-lit and features large easy-to-read type. Keep your message short and to the point.