How to Open a Digital Keypad Safe

A digital keypad safe protects your valuables with the security offered by an electronic keypad. The keypad typically contains the numbers 0 through 9 along with an "Enter" key. The combination on such a safe typically contains 4 to 10 digits and is difficult for someone to break into. You can open a digital keypad safe as long as you have the combination.

Press the "Enter" key on your digital keypad safe to clear any previously-pressed digits and to let the system know you are about to enter the combination.

Touch the numbers of your safe combination one at a time on the digital keypad. Briefly pause between each digit in the combination so the system can process the numbers you enter.

Push the "Enter" key again when you are done entering your entire combination. The combination to a digital keypad safe can be between 4 and 10 digits. Pressing the "Enter" key upon completion lets the system know that you have entered all of the numbers. On some safes, you may press an "End" key instead of an "Enter" key after you have entered the combination. Many digital keypad safes have a green light that illuminates when you press the "Enter" or "End" key to let you know that you have entered the correct combination.

Turn the bar that opens the safe downward, and pull the door to the safe open.


  • If your digital keypad does not work, change the batteries on the keypad by sliding off the keypad and replacing them.