When running a small business, it’s important to protect your valuables both during and after business hours. If you have cash, jewelry or important documentation on hand, it’s best to secure them in a digital keypad safe. This way, only people with the access code can open the safe. Instead of opening with a key, a digital keypad safe requires a unique combination to unlock it. Ensure that you choose a combination no one can guess, and only share it with those you trust.

Pick a Unique Code for Your Safe

There are many different manufacturers of electronic digital keypad safes. As a result, the instructions for setting your code will vary depending on the type of safe you have and the manufacture of the safe. Before you begin, read through the manual that comes with the safe.

The manual for your safe will tell you how many digits your security code should be. This may range from three digital to nine digits. Be sure to choose a combination that is easy for you to remember, but that someone else cannot guess. For example, don’t pick your birth date or the street address for your store. This way, you can ensure that unauthorized personnel cannot access your valuables.

In order to set your safe code, you will need to review your instruction manual. Many safes require you to open the door and put the safe into reset mode. On some safes, you may need to press the * button or hold a button on the inside of the door in order to change the code. Then you will need to enter your new code, and press * to set it.

Follow the Instructions for Your Digital Keypad Safe

In order to open your digital keypad safe, you will need to follow the specific instructions for your safe make and model. On most models, you will need to enter your unique code on the keypad that is located on the front of the safe. Depending on the kind of safe you have, you may need to press another button before, after or both before and after you enter your code. Often, the other button you may need to press is #.

If you have entered your code correctly, your safe may beep to indicate it is opening. If your safe has an LED light, it will turn green. The display screen on the front of your safe may also read “Open” if you have entered the code correctly. Once this happens, you have a limited amount of time to turn the handle and open the safe. This is usually between five and 10 seconds. If you don’t open the safe within this time, it will lock and you will need to re-enter the code to continue.

Use the Electronic Digital Safe Default Code

A situation may arise where you forget your code or you’re unable to open your safe with the code. If this happens, you may need to use the electronic digital safe default code in order to open it. This will differ from manufacturer to manufacturer. In order to obtain the electronic digital safe default code, you may need to contact your safe company directly. Keep in mind that not all digital safes have a default code.

Some digital keypad safes come with a key. In addition to opening the safe with your unique combination, you can also unlock it with an emergency key. This is particularly useful if the safe’s battery has died, and you cannot enter in the code on the digital keypad. If you can't see the keyhole, then it may be hidden behind the handle of the door or the control panel.