Setting the lock or resetting the combination on Victorinox Swiss Army luggage can help maximize security and minimize the risks of someone else being able to access your luggage. The range has Travel Sentry-approved combination locks, which allows Transport Security Administration (TSA) officials to open the luggage without damage. TSA officials have a master key to enable them to open cases with these locks, so they can then be relocked following inspection. Whether you are setting the lock on your new Swiss Gear luggage, resetting the combination to reduce the risk of someone else having access or have forgotten your code, there are simple steps to follow.

Locking it Down

With new luggage, setting your own combination to change it from the factory settings is important to prevent anyone apart from TSA officials accessing the contents. The Swiss Army luggage locks feature three dials, each with numbers from 0-9. To set for the first time, align each of the numbers to 0 – the default factory setting. When the combination clicks, open the shackle and turn to a 90-degree angle before pressing down firmly. Hold it down as you set the new combination, aligning your chosen numbers with the red line. Once the numbers are in place, release the shackle, pull up, rotate and push down into the lock position. Turn one of the numbers while in the lock position – this will lock it. Test by turning the dials to the combination. The case should now open.

Resetting Your Code

Changing your chosen code regularly will enhance your luggage security and reduce the risks of anyone else getting into your case. If someone has borrowed your luggage, for example, you might want to reset your code just for peace of mind, no matter how trustworthy they are. Resetting is simple. Just turn the dials to your current combination and follow the same steps as when you first set the code – opening the shackle, rotating and pressing down while you input three new numbers, before releasing the shackle and setting to the lock position.

Don’t Lock Yourself Out

To avoid forgotten combinations, register your combination on – you can log in at any time to check the combination. Remember to update it each time you reset the code.

Troubleshooting Forgotten Combinations

This is where it gets tricky. Travel Sentry-approved locks can’t be reset without first inputting the current combination. If they could, anyone would be able to open your luggage. There are a few ways around this. The long-winded and pretty tedious solution is to methodically work through every possible combination until you unlock the case, starting at 001 and working upwards. This will be easier if you remember some of the numbers, or remember all three but just can’t recall the order. If that doesn’t work (or you just can’t bear it), contact Victorinox Swiss Army for help.