Electronic locks allow users to utilize multi-digit codes that permit access to secured valuables. An electronic lock is run typically by battery power and has a keypad that is used to enter the series of numbers or letters. You can open a standard electronic lock quickly and easily if you have the code.

Tap the Enter button on the electronic lock keypad. On most electronic locks, a green dot will light up and a beep will sound, signifying that the lock is ready for you to enter the code.

Press the digits of the combination code on the keypad one by one. Pause between the press of each digit in the code to let the lock process the number.

Push the Enter button again on the keypad to indicate that you have entered the full combination code. On some electronic locks, you don't press the Enter button again; you instead should press the End button.

Pull down the handle on the safe or pull the steel bar off your lock to access your valuables.


The above steps operate most electronic locks. Some locks operate differently. Consult the owner's manual of your electronic lock, if the above steps do not work for you. If you don't hear beeps when you're pressing the buttons, the batteries of your electronic lock may be dead. If this is the case, replace your batteries with new ones.