Jobs in the healthcare field are growing much faster than many other industries in the United States. In fact, in 2008 the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics reported that half of the 30 fastest-growing jobs in the U.S. were in the healthcare field. While healthcare organizations focus on recruiting employees for these new jobs as well as to replace current workers who leave the organization, many facilities still face shortages. To assist in curbing these shortages, learn how to start a healthcare staffing agency.

Step 1.

Set your boundaries. Determine the city or region your healthcare staffing agency will serve. Decide if your agency recruits and fills all healthcare jobs or is particular to a specific position such as registered nurses. Establish what prices you’ll charge hospitals and other medical facilities to use the services of your healthcare staffing agency, making sure to include the wage you pay employees who work for your agency in temporary positions as well as your time and expenses.

Step 2.

Gain experience in human resources. Take classes in human resource policies and procedures or have a bachelor’s degree in human resources. Obtain experience interviewing and hiring employees since this is an important component of a healthcare staffing agency.

Step 3.

Network with healthcare organizations. Get to know the HR professionals as well as administrators at hospitals, nursing homes and other medical facilities in the city or region you serve. Inform them of the services your healthcare staffing agency provides. Encourage them to utilize the services you provide when an employee shortage exists or when they need temporary staffing to cover holidays, employee vacations or maternity leave.

Step 4.

Find employees. Attend healthcare career fairs to find potential employees for your healthcare staffing agency. Visit with students in healthcare education programs before they graduate to inform them of the career opportunities that exist in your organization. Use social networking tools to communicate with potential employees. Once hired, provide employees with an orientation program that prepares them to work in the different healthcare facilities you serve.

Step 5.

Staff healthcare organizations as needed. When a healthcare organization calls to obtain staff from your agency, contact your employees to let them know of an open assignment and place them in it if they accept it. Check with the placed employee as well as the healthcare organization periodically throughout the duration of the assignment to ensure things are going as planned. Address any concerns or problems that arise immediately to prevent losing your contract with the healthcare organization to provide staff from your agency.


Consider joining a professional association to help you network with other recruiters and staffing agencies, such as the National Association for Health Care Recruitment.