What Is Job Placement?

by Mary Jane ; Updated September 26, 2017
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Job placement is a profession or agency that helps unemployed individuals find work. A job placement agency also provides a service to employers by giving them qualified workers for contract jobs or available positions. A job placement agency is open for anyone looking to find a suitable job based on previous work experience and skills.

Job Placement Definition

Job placement agencies are service-based businesses that offer two main types of services. One is directed at the job seeker and the other to an employer looking to hire new workers. The job placement agency works as a middle man in the hiring process by interviewing the employee to find a suitable place of employment, where the candidate’s skills and experience would benefit the company or position in question. The overall goal of the job placement agency is to provide both the company and the job seeker with the best fit possible based on personality, experience and skills.

Job Seeker Procedure

Job placement agencies often conduct a basic job interview with job seekers to learn more about their skills, experience, education and career choices. The information is kept on file until a job position opens up that suits the candidate’s preferences and experience. Some job placement agencies will ask job seekers to perform tests on computers to evaluate the candidate’s technical or language abilities as outlined in the resume. This is done as a precaution to ensure that the information on the resume is correct and that the employer gets the right candidate.

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Benefits for Employee

The employee benefits from a job placement agency by getting a job where his previous work experience and skills are put to use. Many people choose to use job placement firms to find jobs that allow them to use specific skills and academic degrees, rather than applying for jobs that may be readily available. Although some jobs may only be temporary or contract positions, many people choose to go with them to build up their resumes within a chosen field or industry.

Benefits for Employer

An employer signs up for a job placement service when a position becomes available in the business. One of the primary benefits for the employer is that the company does not have to spend time interviewing potential candidates or launch job availability campaigns. This saves time, money and resources for the employer. When the candidate selected by the job placement firm enters the job position, she will already have relevant skills and experience, which may shorten the training period for the employer.

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