A management service organization is an organization that provides administrative services to hospitals, health care institutions and clinics. Services such as centralized patient health records can help streamline the work provided by doctors, nurses and technicians. Diagnostic results such as lab tests and CT scans can be instantly available and operating costs can be cut when efficient managed services like verification of insurance and medical billing are provided online. In order to start a new management services organization, you'll need to establish the scope of services you want to provide and then make sure to have the right resources to support potential clients.

1. Step 1

List the particular services you want to establish for your organization. Outline broad services or limit yourself to specialty areas like billing and coding. Choose administrative sectors that you know you can support and will be able to find employees or contractors to do the work.

2. Step 2

Check out guidelines at organizations like the Electronic Health Network Accreditation Commission. Suggestions and strategies can assist you with general areas of planning and development to meet your requirements and specifications.

3. Step 3

Meet with trusted friends and colleagues to discuss your plans. Engage like-minded people to become part of your organization. Discuss the pros and cons of becoming a nonprofit organization or plan to go commercial. Talk about your ability to finance the organization and what fees to charge for services.

4. Step 4

Establish an organizational structure that includes a governing board, president, treasurer and secretary. Get members that you know and trust. Develop a constitution that encompasses rules of the service organization to include when, where and how meetings will be conducted and who can call them. State the mission of the organization and how it will deliver on services. Define how the group is accountable to stakeholders. Embrace reputable and credible partners and provide curriculum vitae for officers, making note of their relevant accomplishments and awards.

5. Step 5

Register as a legal entity in your location. Get legal representation to ensure that your organization is within the legal bounds to operate as a business. Check that the proposed name of the organization is available for use. Register with your Secretary of State's office, if applicable, for nonprofit status. Ensure that existing documentation is scrutinized by legal counsel and that organization documentation is complete. Retain legal counsel to protect your future interests.

6. Step 6

Locate an appropriate venue as the home office. Set up telephone and fax service, Internet and email providers and get office equipment like furniture, computers, copiers, phones, fax machine and supplies. Make business cards to disseminate organization information. Create a website to add credibility and so prospective clients can readily locate your services.