Gaining access to medical and business records can be challenge. A records retrieval business provides customers with access to documents authorized with a written request or subpoena for legal or medical purposes. Most records retrieval businesses provide online access to information. Starting a records retrieval business requires strong organizational and communication skills, secure software, online access and electronic scanning capabilities.


Learn about the records retrieval business. Gain a good understanding of laws and regulations. Companies providing medical records retrieval must adhere to the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA). Take the time to research competitive businesses and their pricing structures. Find out the type of software competitive records retrieval businesses are using. Get to know the recordkeepers at hospitals and doctors' offices for the region you will be serving.

Invest in software and systems to simplify the work associated with retrieving records. Be prepared to deliver records in printed or electronic form. Take the time to get to know the type of documents your customers require.

Find a location for your records retrieval business. Allow enough space for the computer and scanning equipment.

Decide on the legal structure for your records retrieval business. Since you will be dealing with sensitive information, be sure to discuss the risks associated with each legal structure with your attorney.

Generate a business plan identifying the objectives for your records retrieval business. Outline all services you plan to offer. Identify potential clients and any specific areas of expertise. Identify ways your business will differentiate itself from other records retrieval firms.

Decide on a name for your business. Work with others to generate a list of possible names. Narrow down the list of names by completing a search on the Federal Trademark Database and Internet. Use the name you decide upon and secure a domain name for your website.

Apply for your federal tax ID number and appropriate insurance coverage. See if any business licenses are required in order to operate a record retrieval business in your area.

Market the business by attending networking events, visiting attorneys' offices and hospitals in the area and posting ads in relevant publications. Use social media marketing to promote your services and expertise.