How to Operate a Successful Dance Studio

There are several key ingredients that your dance studio needs to be a successful one. To keep getting repeat business from your dancers, you need to stay on top of your game, especially if you're in an area where there is an abundance of studios. You definitely have to set your business apart from the rest. There are many dance studios that are here today and gone tomorrow because they aren't able to set themselves apart from the competition. Doing this is key to the survival of any business and the dance business is no exception.

Offer a variety of classes. Offering a variety of classes is always a way to keep your students interested in the art. This is not as important in an area where there is little or no competition, but is imperative where there is. Diversify your classes with dance genres from different countries and dance disciplines. Move outside of the traditional tap, jazz, ballet and hip hop classes. Maybe adding African dance or flamenco, or even some South Asian dance styles would be something you could try. Try to offer a few classes that no other studio in the area is offering. This will set you apart from the other studios and people interested in those particular dance styles will have to come to you if they want to take those classes.

Offer a variety of instructors. Along with offering a variety of classes, make sure you offer a variety of instructors. Offering a variety of instructors will keep your classes interesting. Different instructors have different personalities, which makes for a different atmosphere in each class. It will also teach dancers how to adapt to different teaching styles and broaden their learning capabilities and instructional exposure.

Have back-up instructors. Another key ingredient for your dance studio should be having back-up instructors or at least a system where class will continue if an instructor doesn't show up. This adds professionalism to your studio and adds to your reputation of being dependable. There is nothing worse than showing up excited about a dance class only to find out it has been canceled because the instructor could not make it. It happens all the time in the dance business. If you can overcome this obstacle, your dancers will keep coming back for more.


  • Here are some other must haves for a successful dance studio: good management of instructors and studio atmosphere; class scheduling coordinator; a good sound system; and competitive fees if you're in an area where there are other studios.

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