How to Get a Business to Give Donations to a Non Profit Organization

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Many businesses are looking for ways to increase their involvement in the community. According to, companies tend to donate locally, so your nonprofit organization will need to be involved with the businesses of your local community. Knowing how to approach companies for donations can increase your operating funds, develop your local relationships, and help businesses easily contribute to important causes.

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Develop information packets with details of your group’s cause and financial information. Be prepared to give specific details regarding operating costs of your organization and the percentage of donations that go directly to your organization’s cause. Create professional presentations of your organization’s financial information to distribute to potential donors. Inform potential donors of the programs their money will be used for and give them an overview of the programs’ effectiveness.

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Target smaller companies that are owned by women. According to, smaller companies donate a larger percentage of their disposable income to charitable organizations and nonprofits than larger companies. Additionally, according to a survey conducted by American Express, women who own businesses are significantly more likely to donate company profits to a nonprofit than male business owners. Check your area for business and trade organizations for women. Search through the membership rolls for target companies.

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Create fundraising opportunities that offer value to targeted businesses. Companies can benefit financially from public relations opportunities. Plan fundraising events that mesh well with the public relations goals of your target companies. Offer donating companies the opportunity to be involved with events via employee participation. Design event literature and advertising material to display the logos and information for your donating companies as a free advertising incentive.

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Prepare your nonprofit organization to accept nonmonetary donations. According to, cash donations from companies are rare. However, donations involving office supplies, volunteers, office space and managerial expertise can be very helpful to your nonprofit. Suggest these kinds of donation arrangements to your target companies and be prepared to give detailed receipts for tax purposes. Make sure your organization understands how to file tax returns for all types of donations.


  • Try fundraising that involves selling products--this usually does well in offices.