How to Register a UPC Bar Code

Most merchants and book publishers use UPC codes on their products. Coupons also have bar codes. This code gives a lot of information about the product such as type, weight and price. UPC codes allow computers to read all of this information and make checkout time much faster than the clerk having to individually punch in the price of an item. Shipping companies often use UPC bar codes to track packages and make sure they get to all the proper locations. Purchase your UPC bar codes from one of several online sources.

Go to one of the online sites that sell bar codes, such as Create an account, which is usually free.

Follow the site directions to purchasing your bar code. Check the appropriate box telling which kind of product your bar code is for, such as food, box shipments, magazine or books, coupons, drug and health related or generic industrial codes. Remember, for books, you need to purchase an ISBN number first and then have that number embedded in the bar code.

Fill out all the forms completely, making sure to give all the proper information. Wrong information will result in having to purchase two bar codes.

Choose your printing process instructions. Click on the pull down menu and choose the option you want. Give the information you want regarding the line width reduction.

Add the UPC bar code to your shopping basket.

Enter all the appropriate payment information requested and click “place order” or some other similar icon.

Wait a few minutes and check your email. Open the email from the company and download the graphics for your UPC bar code.

Use the copy and paste method to place the bar code onto your coupons, books, labels etc.


  • For ISBN numbers, go to this site:

    For books you not only need the ISBN number, but also the Library of Congress control number. These are two separate numbers, produced by two separate entities. Go to the Library of Congress website to get your LCCN for free.


  • There are many companies that take advantage of an individual or small business. Do some research on the company before purchasing any bar codes. The prices vary greatly. Buy your UPC bar codes from a reputable company.