What Do the Codes on a Walmart Receipt Mean?

by Michelle Dwyer; Updated September 26, 2017

There was a time when a receipt's only job was to provide proof of purchase. With the advancement of technology, however, retailers have turned these once simple slips of paper into important documentation containing information about the purchase, store promotions and future discounts. Walmart is a leading example of this trend, having capitalized on bar codes and QR readers to help its shoppers . While the retail giant's receipts have the same information as any retailer, such as store location data and Universal Product Codes, it also has codes unique to Walmart.

The Savings Catcher

Walmart takes part in the mobile craze with its Savings Catcher program. On your receipt, there is a TC number, better known as the receipt number. It looks similar to a credit card number. You enter this number into your Walmart mobile app, or scan the bar code directly underneath the receipt number directly into your mobile app. The Walmart app extracts prices from ads generated by other local stores and then compares these prices to Walmart prices of the same items on your receipt. If you paid more at Walmart, the company will give you a credit for the difference that you can use in the store or online at Walmart.com


    • For more information on Walmart's Savings Catcher program, click here
    • To learn more about Walmart's mobile app, click here.
    • On your smart phone, browse your app store for bar code scanners. Many are offered for free.

Digital Receipts

On a hard-copy Walmart receipt, you should see a square filled with black shapes. This is called a Quick Response, or QR code. Download a QR code reader app to your mobile phone. Use the phone to scan the QR code located on the bottom of the Walmart receipt. A digital copy of the receipt can then be uploaded to your online account through the Walmart mobile app. The goal is to give the customer a saved receipt and store data about prior purchases.


    • Just like bar code scanners, you can shop your mobile app store and find free QR code readers.
    • For more information on Walmart's digital receipts, click here.


  • Some websites allow you to make phony receipts of Walmart purchases. If you do this, and you take items into a Walmart you did not buy there and get a refund, you are breaking the law. This is return fraud; penalties include prosecution for shoplifting and/or theft. Depending on the monetary value of the items, and the state, you could be charged with a misdemeanor or a felony.

Example Walmart Receipt

For an example of a Walmart receipt, click here. The example receipt provides complete visual information, from the top codes of store location (ST)and transaction number (TR), to the method of payment and the approval of payment, sometimes seen on the receipt as the APPR code.

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