Enjoy a career in entertainment by performing for birthday parties. Earn a full-time income with part-time work. Work from home as a full-time profession or work in your spare time to make extra money. Start a birthday party business, provide birthday party entertainment for customers. Perform magic tricks, puppet shows, and clown acts; become a cartoon character or a mime. Make parties exciting and fun giving guests a memorable experience.

Things You Will Need
  • Computer

  • Internet

  • Printer

  • Paper

  • Telephone

Prepare for Business

Step 1.

Decide what services you are going to provide. You could learn ventriloquism, offer puppetry, or provide balloon twisting and make balloon sculptures. You might want to perform magic, become a games host, offer face painting or juggling. You should also consider adding music to your performances which can be a good filler in between acts. Make sure the music is fun and age appropriate.

Step 2.

Decide what types of costumes you need. You can visit a local costume rental store to get ideas. Take note of the costume selections and prices.

Step 3.

Set your fees. Consider charging a minimum of $100 for 30 minutes of show; however $200 per 30 minutes is average. Keep in mind any expenses that you may incur such as travel expenses or costume rentals.

Get the Word Out

Step 1.

Design a Flyer. Use a word processing program or equivalent to design a flyer that describes your services and lists your name and phone number. Use fun graphics, such as a clown or cartoon character, to decorate your flyer. Print your flyers on bright or fluorescent paper and distribute to places that kids and their parents frequent, such as libraries, kid’s clothing stores, and kid’s activity centers. Ask managers for permission to place flyers on available counter space. Hang flyers on any free bulletin boards.

Step 2.

Market Your Services. A good, simple way to get the word out about your birthday party business is to cleverly give your clients and guests something to remember you by. Consider giving away items with your name and number on them, such as balloons, party favors, balls, toys, and goodie bags. You should also send thank-you cards to your clients and include a discount coupon for their next party. Be sure to include one that they can give to a friend.

Step 3.

Advertise. Consider placing advertisements in magazines that cater to parents and children. Create a magnetic sign for your car that lists your name and phone number with “Birthday Party Services” (and the name of your business) in small or medium size print. You can these signs made at your local print shop or you can purchase an at-home version at stationery or hardware stores.

List your name and phone number on all free sites on the Internet. Simply type in “birthday directory” on a major search engine such as Google or Yahoo to find free directories. Place a free ad offering your birthday party services on craigslist.com under the services section.


Be sure to check with any local, county, and state agencies for any licenses that may be needed.