Whether you’re a large nonprofit with a team of fundraisers or a small local charity that’s looking to bring in some funds, having a strategically planned fundraising order form can ensure you have a successful campaign. An order form serves many purposes other than just recording how much a donor is giving your organization. It can be used to motivate your team, to encourage donors to give more generously and to thank everyone for their donations.

Outline Your Fundraiser’s Objectives

Provide context for your fundraising order form by explaining your objectives. For what is your organization raising money, and why is this initiative important? Having this information on your order form gives your team some talking points when they are approaching donors. If the order form is for the donors to fill out, it offers them some background information on what you will do with their funds.

For example, if your local gymnastics club is selling chocolates, provide a brief paragraph on your order form about what you hope to do with that money. Do you want to purchase new equipment for your gymnasts, recruit highly trained coaches and invest in some new uniforms for the team? Highlighting the specifics helps donors to understand the purpose of your campaign and may encourage them to be more generous with their donation.

State Your Fundraising Goal

If you are trying to raise a certain amount of money, state your goal above your order form. This way, you can remind team members of what they are trying to achieve. You can also encourage donors to give a higher amount if they know your goal.

When you make your own fundraiser order form, if you have a recommended donation amount, you can also list that on your order form — for example, “While all donations are highly valued, we recommend that our donors give a minimum $5.00 donation to help us reach our goal.”

Include Space for Your Team’s Contact Information

If your team is collecting donations, provide space for their name and contact information on the order form. That way, you can easily keep track of what each person has collected. If your donors are filling out the order form themselves, add space for them to include their contact information. Be sure to leave enough room for their full name and full mailing address.

Make Your Own Fundraiser Order Form

Create your order form using a program like Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, Google Docs or Google Sheets. You can use the table feature to build a form that includes the exact number of columns and rows you require. You can also download a fundraising form template to use in those programs and edit it based on your needs.

If you need a more complex order form with several fields, you can use an online solution like Form Builder to create a dynamic fundraising order form that meets your organization’s unique requirements. When you make your own fundraiser order form this way, you can integrate it with other applications and automatically collect your donor data in your database.

Provide Next Steps

Regardless of whether your team or your donors are filling out the form, be sure to include important information such as:

  • The campaign deadline
  • The desired form of the funds, like cash or check
  • Where to send all donations

Say Thank You

Finally, when you make your own fundraiser order form, be sure to say thank you. Add a few lines of gratitude under your order form for your team and your donors. A simple message like “thank you for your support” goes a long way and makes people feel valued for their contribution.