Assisted living centers can help aging individuals live in apartment-like environments while receiving help with activities of daily living. Whether they need help shopping, bathing or taking their medications, assisted living homes can be a lifesaver for adults with older parents. Population specific advertising is the most effective way to get clients for an assisted living center, and networking can help you spread the good word as well

Things You Will Need
  • Pamphlets

  • Health fair booth

  • Digital photos of assisted living center

  • Desktop publishing software

  • Advertising pens and magnets

Step 1.

Advertise at Senior Centers. Senior Centers will usually be happy to provide information to their clients who may have aging parents or be in need of assistive living themselves. Bring in some informational pamphlets and meet with the Center Director to place your material and open communication for future referrals.

Step 2.

Network with social workers at hospitals. Social workers need to have referral sources at their fingertips and will be happy to meet with you and learn about your center. Build a relationship with social workers by providing advertising materials and return the favor by promoting their hospital at your center.

Step 3.

Join a Speakers Bureau. Speakers Bureaus are a free resource for people who need speakers for events like club meetings, conventions and seminars and you can list yourself and your employees to make free presentations on topics you are qualified for. If there are no Speakers Bureaus in your area, start one by creating a list of presentations you will do for free and mailing to senior centers, retirement groups and 55 and over clubs.

Step 4.

Participate at local health fairs. Health fairs are held several times throughout the year and will draw large crowds of seniors looking for information and free services. Have a professional display and give away items like pens or note pads with your information on them.

Step 5.

Advertise in local 50 Plus magazines. When placed in population specific publications, quarter page ads with colorful images of your assisted living center plus a list of all your services will get noticed by potential clients Be sure to list certifications and licenses that apply.

Step 6.

Write a column for your community newsletter. Approach a small community newspaper about penning a senior-friendly column about topics important to them. Have a list of potential column topics along with a sample and insist that your byline features the name of your assisted living center.

Step 7.

Produce an informative newsletter. Use a desktop publishing program to produce a quarterly newsletter on many different topics important to seniors, and distribute at senior centers, senior living apartments and churches. Topics should include health information, recipes and tips. Your assisted living centers name would be front and center along with contact information.

Step 8.

Provide information to your city’s Department on Aging. The Department of Aging will often be sponsoring many of the health fairs and other events you participate in so network with people there to help get your name recognized by those who make referrals.


Have plenty of advertising materials handy including pamphlets, magnets and pens with your contact information and business name on them to increase your brand recognition.


Be sure your assisted living center has all the licenses and insurances needed to run efficiently and legally.