Converting text into barcode is an easy way to label things (such as storage boxes) and keep track of inventory. And it takes very little time and effort. The uniform organization of barcode-labeled inventory will make storing and selling items very simple.

How to Convert Text Into Barcode

Visit This website has a free online barcode generator that will convert any string of text into a barcode and allow you to save it.

Replace the example text in the box with your own string of text. Clicking on “Show Advanced Options” will give you several additional formatting options. When done, press the “Make me a barcode!” button to convert your text. Your text is now in barcode format and will be readable by barcode scanners. If desired, you can modify the settings in the Advanced Options area to change the way your barcode displays.

Click on your newly made barcode. A new page will open up with your barcode in image format (JPEG or PNG, depending on your selection in the Advanced Options section). You may now print the barcode or save it to your computer’s hard drive as an image.