How to Get Clients for Your Cleaning Business

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When you have a small cleaning business, you need a stable client base to grow your business and succeed. Everyone needs clean homes and offices to stay healthy and prevent insect infestations. Whether you clean for residential or commercial customers or both, getting clients that fit your business plan requires research and commitment. Although some clients may seem to fall in your lap, cleaning business owners must usually seek out potential clients and use engaging and attractive marketing tactics.

Create a list of characteristics you’re looking for in clients. For example, you might prefer commercial clients to residential ones, clients within 25 miles of your business or clients in affluent neighborhoods.

Advertise to clients from this target market in a region using traditional neighborhood or regional newspaper, magazine, radio, TV and direct mail advertising if your budget allows. If it doesn’t, advertise locally via other methods: hang flyers in areas your clients frequent, cold call, and walk into businesses or knock on residential doors to introduce yourself to the neighborhood.

Become a member of your local Chamber of Commerce and then supply the Chamber with business cards and flyers. If you don’t know your Chamber’s location, visit the U. S. Chamber of Commerce Chamber Directory Search page. Click a state on the map and scroll through the options until you find your city.

Join local, national and international cleaning associations such as the National Cleaners Association, National Air Duct Cleaners Association or The Worldwide Cleaning Industry Association and network at association events. Hand out your business cards and flyers. Ask other members for tips or referrals based on the region you are in and the specific type of services you offer.

Set up referral partnerships with other businesses in the area that deal with customers who usually need professional cleaning services such as schools, interior design firms, construction companies and event hosts and caterers. Even if you don't get referrals, a business owner who utilizes the cleaning services of a professional cleaner may decide to hire your company for his cleaning needs because of your willingness to share clients.

Ask your existing clients for referrals to people they believe would benefit from your services. To persuade your existing clients to refer people to you, consider offering a discount for referrals or a cash back bonus for referrals that result in signed cleaning contracts.

Attract new clients to your business by posting engaging content such as articles or videos about cleaning and the cleaning industry including cleaning tips and product information on your website. In addition, post before and after photos of your work on your website along with client testimonials to impress potential clients who visit the site.

Link to engaging content on social networks you belong to such as LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook. Create a daily or weekly e-newsletter for website visitors that attracts visitor attention and potentially leads to new clients or referrals.


  • Restrict the size of your service area -- the geographic area that is as large as you or your employees can handle -- during your client search at first to prevent going over budget with advertising or travel costs. You can always expand later as your business grows.

    If your budget allows, hand out branded novelty items such as key chains and pens featuring your business name, website address and other contact information in addition to business cards and flyers. Besides frequenting local print-on-demand shops, you can order novelties online at, and CafePress.