Many people in today’s economy are searching for ways to make money or even start their own businesses. Some people are turning their old hobbies into a profitable business opportunity. One of the hobbies that many people have is making miniature models. These could include miniature cars, planes, trains, trucks or more. If you like making miniature models and want to make some money, you will need to know how to get started in the miniature model making business.

Things You Will Need
  • Models

  • Start-up budget

  • Place to display and sell models

Getting Started in the Miniature Model Making Business

Decide what miniature models you would like to make and sell, and focus on only selling those models to start out. (For instance, if you have built car models, you may want to focus on selling those.)

Display the models you have already completed on a personal website or flyer to help raise money for a start-up budget. (For example, you could use websites such as Facebook, MySpace or other social networking websites to display your models for free.) Also start selling your models on eBay to see how well they sell at prices you are considering.

Find a spacious place to display and sell your models. You can either rent or buy the property depending on what your banker suggests. (Tip: Places like a barn or an old factory or warehouse may be a good place to start and allow room to expand.)

Tell people about your models and the models you could make for their businesses.

Make flyers, business cards or use the Internet or even the newspaper to advertise your business.