Whether you’re sending an important birthday gift or shipping a large order of merchandise for your personal business, tracking mail delivery is an important tool. This will let you know where you mail is and when the recipient can expect to see it. Mail tracking is available through most delivery services, so you should be able to use this service through almost any carrier.

Things You Will Need
  • Mail

  • Postage

  • Internet access

Step 1.

Sign up for mail tracking when you send the item. There are a variety of services that may accompany your mail tracking, but each carrier is different so you should inquire about how their tracking works. For example, some mail tracking is only available with priority mail, or requires the recipient to sign off on the package when it arrives.

Step 2.

Obtain your mail tracking number. Be sure to keep your tracking number in a safe place, because this is the key piece of information for finding out where your mail is.

Step 3.

Go to the website of your carrier. From its website, you should be able to locate a link to shipment tracking. You may have also received this web address when you first shipped the package.

Step 4.

Enter your shipping number in the box provided to locate your item. You should be able to access the shipment history as well as the package’s current location. You may also be able to see the estimated arrival date.

Step 5.

Sign up for emails tracking your package. Most carriers will offer to send you emails when your item reaches certain locations or when it has been signed for and received. With this service, you won’t have to check back every few days, but can just keep an eye on your email box.


Compare various carriers and their services before sending your mail to find the right service for your current needs.