How to Find Government Loans for Women

Among the millions of dollars set aside each year for low interest rate government loans, there are many designed just for women. There are loans available for women to help with schooling, housing, businesses and more. Below, you'll learn how to find government loans for women.

Look into your local community. Depending on why you need the loan, you may be able to check your local community in order to find them. Loans for women that are specifically for schooling can often be found by visiting the college you want to attend. Since most colleges stay up to date on government assistance programs, you can often get a lot of information here. Your local branch of the SBA or Small Business Administration could tell you if there were government loans for women which would help with business. Other local places you might check include your local chapter of HUD, and support groups or organizations for women.

Check online resources. There are several places online to find government loans available for women. provides comprehensive information about government programs and opportunities for all individuals, including women. provides a keyword search tool that can be used to search through available government programs. Simply type 'loans for women' into the search bar to see if there are any available government programs for women.

Look into online women's support forums. You can receive a lot of information from women's support forums and websites online. These places often contain a lot of inspiration, tips and suggestions for women - as well as information about government assistance programs to help them on their way. Perform a general search and browse through the results or visit for more information.

Look into other types of available loans. There are currently several types of loans available through the government for women or all individuals to apply for. For instance, the microloan program allows women to obtain loans that can be used to help grow or start a business. The loan period is typically six years, with women able to obtain as much as $35,000. More information can be found at

Business physical disaster loans provide loans for individuals who have had their business damaged in a natural disaster. These loans can be used to rebuild, repair or make necessary improvements to their businesses in order to continue to grow. More information can be found at


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