Shelf labels can make your business look more organized and help your customers find what they’re looking for more easily. At home, shelf labels can help you stay more organized as well by designating a place for specific items. You can easily make shelf labels with your computer and printer or by using shelf label strips and inserts. While making the labels on a computer and printer will give your business a more professional look, using shelf label strips and inserts more easily allows you to change the labels whenever necessary.

Things You Will Need
  • Computer and printer

  • Address labels or shelf label strips and inserts

  • Black marker

Use a Computer

Step 1.

Go into your word processing program, such as Microsoft Word. Once in the program, go to the "Tools," menu and select the "Envelopes and Labels" option. A dialog box will appear and you will have the opportunity to select the type of label you are using by clicking on the, "Options" button.

Step 2.

Select your label type by brand and number, which is located on the address labels package you purchased. Once you've selected the type of label you have, click on "OK" and a screen of labels will appear.

Step 3.

Select your font, then type your labels. You can navigate from label to label by hitting the "Tab" key in Microsoft Word.

Step 4.

Load the label paper into your printer so that it is face down and ensure your printer is on. Then, choose the "Print," option in your word processing software to print the labels you've created.

Step 5.

Attach the labels to the shelf to keep things organized.

Shelf Label Strips

Step 1.

Open the label strips and inserts and count out how many you will need for your shelf project.

Step 2.

Neatly print the words you want to appear on your shelf labels on the inserts with a black marker.

Step 3.

Attach the shelf label strips to your shelves by following the instructions on the package. Generally, this means to pull the protector off an adhesive backing and pressing it firmly onto the shelf.

Step 4.

Put the paper inserts into the appropriate shelf label strips.


You can purchase different types of labels at office supply stores and department stores, such as Target and Wal-Mart. If you'd rather not use your computer to create your shelf labels, you can neatly print the words onto the mailing address labels with a black marker. Peel off the labels and stick them to the appropriate shelves.


Self-adhesive address labels may be harder to get off your shelves if you need to change them.