How to Get a Bar Code

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If you want to sell a product, but your reseller or distributer requires your product to have a bar code, you can obtain one fairly easily. Once you have one, you can use your code to track sales volumes and to mine other types of data.

Your bar code needs a specific GS1 identification key. GS1 codes are basically the numbers inside the bar code. You will need to contact a GS1 Member Organization in order to get your numbers. You can find a location through the GS1 link in the References section.

The GS1 member organization will give you a GS1 Company Prefix, which will be used by all the bar code numbers you create.

Combined with the GS1 Company Prefix should be a GS1 defined reference number that will identify things you sell, ship, or own.

If you bar code an item that will be scanned at the retail point-of-sale, you must use an EAN/UPC symbol.

If you are printing bar codes with variable information such as serial numbers, expiry dates, or measures, then use GS1-128, GS1 DataBar (RSS), or in special cases Composite Component or GS1 DataMatrix symbols.

If you want to print a bar code carrying GTIN on a corrugated carton, use ITF-14.


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