Creative Ways to Bind a Book

Stefanie L.

Making your own books can be a creative way to make gifts for family and friends. Binding doesn't have to be done with expensive tools. The two types of book binding in these examples can be preformed in a short amount of time to make creative looking books. Anyone can bind these types of books with a few simple crafting supplies found in craft stores or even office supply stores for very little money.

Cut the cardboard to the size of your paper that you will use for the book. Standard computer paper is recommended. Cut down the cardboard to that size, or you can buy precut cardboard at many craft stores.

Punch holes in the paper. Punch at least three evenly spaced holes down one side of the paper. Place the holes about 1/2 an inch away from the edge.

Continue punching holes in all of the paper. Make sure the holes are in the same spot on each sheet. You can make a template for yourself by placing your first hole-punched piece of paper over the top of the next sheet you want to do. Trace the holes on the first sheet onto the second with a pencil.

Punch holes in the cardboard that correspond with the holes in the paper.

Stack the paper so that the holes line up.

Put one piece of cardboard on top of the paper stack and one on the bottom.

Line up the holes in the cardboard with the holes in the paper.

Run the ribbon through the holes in a simple in and out motion.

Bring the ends of the ribbon around to the front of the book and tie them together in a bow.

Decorate the cardboard however you like.

Decide how many pages you want your book to be. Make sure that the number is an even one. Divide that number in half. This is the number of sheets of paper you will need.

Fold each sheet of paper in half so that the top edge of the paper is touching the bottom edge of the paper.

Put a thin line of glue along the folded end of the paper and set another folded sheet of paper on top of the glue. The two folded ends should then be glued to each other. Make sure that all of the edges line up neatly.

Repeat Step 3 until all of the sheets are glued together. Let the glue dry.

Cut two pieces of cardboard, measuring and cutting them perfectly against the top of the folded book. These pieces will be the cover. Staple or glue one on the bottom and one on the top of the booklet.

Let the glue dry and decorate the cover however you like.


  • You can use twine, rope or hemp instead of ribbon. Use a yarn needle to make threading the holes with the ribbon easier.