1. Log In or Sign Up

Visit PayPal to log in or create a new account. Invoices can be sent using either individual or business accounts.

2. Open Invoice Management

Click Send & Request on the menu near the top of the window. From there, click Create and Manage Invoices to open the invoice management interface.

3. Create a New Invoice


Click Create an Invoice to open a blank invoice template.

4. Complete Business Information


By default, business information on the invoice is the same as the information you supplied when creating your PayPal account. Check the accuracy of this information and edit it if necessary. You can also add a logo or other image to the invoice by clicking Add Logo.

5. Fill in Invoice Information


Fill in the invoice number, date, invoice type and due date. This information makes it much easier to keep track of multiple invoices.

6. Fill in Customer Information


Fill in the email address of the invoice recipient. Select Multiple customers to send an invoice to more than one recipient.

7. Add Line Item Details


Add details about each item or service being invoiced along with the quantity, unit price and any taxes owed. This is a good way to itemize an invoice for multiple products and services. It can also be used to provide details of how time in spent on hourly invoices.

8. Complete Payment Due Information


Fill in information about the total payment owed, included any discounts, taxes and handling fees. The subtotal can be entered manually or automatically generated from the itemized list.

9. Add Notes and Conditions


Fill in terms and conditions for the services and products on the invoice and add a personal note to customers. You can use the textboxes provided or attach a file containing standard terms.

10. Preview Invoice

Click Preview to see how the completed invoice will look to the customer before sending it. Click Edit to make changes after previewing the invoice.

11. Send Invoice

Once the invoice is complete, click Send. A copy of the invoice will be sent to the customer and a confirmation will be emailed to you. You can also view the invoice, along with payment status, in the invoice management interface.