A clown business can provide entertainment for parties, assemblies or work meetings. There are many different clown businesses and choosing a unique twist for the services you offer can make the difference in becoming successful. It is important to offer a variety of packages so you can appeal to several different audiences and expand your business. When you first open you may start with only one clown, but as you build a business you may be able to hire additional people so you can book more than one event each day.

Step 1.

Decide what type of act you want to provide, considering what can make you unique. Also include traditional clown activities such as making balloon animals and performing sleight-of-hand tricks. You may need to create more than one act and several different characters from whom your customers can choose.

Step 2.

Purchase the materials you need to do your act, such as a costume. Some children’s clowns do not wear full makeup so they are not as scary to young children.

Step 3.

Schedule professional photos you can use on your advertising and website. If you have more than one costume or act you should have a photo to represent each.

Step 4.

Set up a website that advertises your services. You may want to hire a professional to do this for you. List the services you offer and the area you are willing to perform in without charging traveling fees. A biography and history of the company should also be on the website.

Step 5.

Advertise your services in the phone book and through online listing sites. It also helps to make professional contacts with party planning and rental businesses. Ask them to give your information to their clients to generate referrals. In return refer your clients to them.

Step 6.

Offer discounts for referrals and give out business cards to your clients so they can give the cards to friends looking for a clown or entertainer.

Step 7.

Practice your act in front of the age group you are trying to entertain. Contact libraries and volunteer to do a story time or call a local school to do an assembly or class party for free to get practice in front of an audience.


Offering clowning classes as a party or through a local community center can build your contact list as well as provide another profitable sideline for your clowning business.

This type of business may take several months to build up to providing a full-time income. Do not quite you current job when you first start working. Determine how much you need to make consistently to survive and make more than that for at least six months before you move to doing it full time.