Instead of relying on nice weather to operate a bounce house rental business, why not consider starting an indoor bounce business? Taking bounce houses indoors allows you to operate your bounce business all year long, regardless of the weather outside. The same inflatable bounce houses that are used outdoors can be used inside, provided you use sandbags to secure them when in use. Indoor bounce businesses have higher operating costs than the typical inflatable rental business, but they also stand to make more profits because they're not limited to seasonal use.

Things You Will Need
  • Large building

  • General liability insurance

  • Business insurance

  • Inflatable bounce houses

  • Sandbags

  • Duct tape

  • Extension cords

Rent, lease or buy a large building for your indoor bounce business. Consider how many inflatable bounce houses you plan to have, as well as their heights and widths, when reviewing locations. You'll probably want a building large enough to include private party rooms, an arcade and a dining area if you plan to sell snacks.

Purchase inflatable bounce houses, slides and obstacle courses that will fit inside your building. Remember that each bounce house will range in price from $1,000 to a few thousand dollars. You will need a large initial investment to open an indoor bounce business. Some people start by renting one or two bounce houses to birthday parties and picnics on the weekends and then use their profit to fund their indoor bounce business.

Obtain all required business licenses for your state. Each state has its own business requirements for the entertainment and bounce house industry, so do your research and make sure you have everything required by your state.

Purchase general liability insurance. General liability insurance covers you in the event someone gets injured while in your bounce center. It will cover their medical expenses, and provide protection if you should get sued.

Purchase general business insurance to cover your tangible property, such as damages to your bounce houses.

Move into your building and set up your indoor bounce center. Hire contractors to create private party rooms within your space. Install bathrooms if the building is not already designed the way you need.

Set up your inflatable bounce houses. Use extension cords as you inflate each of your bounce houses and inflatable slides to decide where you want to put each one inside your building.

Tape extension cords to the floor to secure them and prevent tripping.

Set up all other areas inside your building, including the customer payment area, any food or vending machines, private party rooms, or arcade.

Hire employees to help run your business. You'll need several staff members to receive payments from customers, ensure all customers are following safety rules, and to assist with private parties.

Open your doors and start advertising for customers. Distribute fliers to parents of children at nearby day care centers, preschools and elementary schools. Put an ad in the local newspaper. List your phone number in the yellow pages.


Increase business revenue by also renting some of your inflatable bounce houses to private parties and corporate events.

Consider partnering with a nearby pizza shop to have pizza and soda delivered for private parties, so you can avoid having to prepare food on-site.


Have enough staff to keep all customers safe in your indoor bounce business. Don't rely on parents to ensure that their children follow safety rules.