How to Talk to AT&T Customer Service Quickly

Carmem L Vilanova

Anyone with AT&T phone service has probably dealt with the slow customer service. Numerous computerized voices ask you to say or dial in different numbers, and it can take 15 minutes to get to a human to address your question. It doesn't have to take so long. Some tricks can speed your next call to AT&T customer service.

Dial the AT&T customer service 800 number. Listen for the automated voice that announces the guided menu. Choose the right menu, but only once. When the automated voice asks you to answer any questions vocally, start screaming nonsense words into the phone. The computer won't be able to understand you, and it should bring you to a human operator.

Press "0" many times in a row. Typically, "0" is the number to press when you want to skip the automated system and speak to a customer service representative immediately. If "0" is not the number, your random dialing will confuse the system and summon a live person.

Write down the name of the AT&T customer service representative. Also, immediately give her your phone number to call you back if you get disconnected.


  • Make sure you are polite. Your agent will be more cooperative. These tips can be used for almost any customer service department you call.

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