How to Start an Open Mic Night. If you're interested in music and entertainment, love people, late-night crowds and lots of fun, an open mic night might be something you want to consider starting. The open mic format can vary from comedy to bands playing music and even poetry readings. Think about what you want the event to feel like and follow some of these suggestions to make it run as smoothly as possible.

Step 1.

Find a location to host your open mic night. Talk to barkeepers, coffee shop owners and even the folks who run community centers. Figure out logistics, including bathroom use, fees and any rules.

Step 2.

Choose a date and time for your event. Make the open mic night a repeating event. You gather a small crowd the first night and the people who enjoyed the experience bring their friends back the next month and so on. It's good to hold the open mic night at least once a month.

Step 3.

Select a catchy name for your event. Consider the crowd that you expect to gather as well as the entertainment that is being performed during the open mic night. Choose a name that people remember easily and are intrigued by.

Step 4.

Set guidelines. You want your artists to know exactly what time they're playing, how long they're allowed to play and what other things are expected of them. If children are going to be present, check that the artists know to keep their entertainment clean.

Step 5.

Advertise early. Give the community enough notice to show up for the event as well as featured artists time to prepare for their open mic performance. Some community papers allow you to advertise free of cost. Leave fliers around town, especially at the site that event is to be held. Take advantage of the Internet and word of mouth to spread the word.