Every year, there are more and more home-interior companies popping up. These companies provide opportunities for individuals to make money by selling their wares for them. Here is how to successfully sell home interior products.

Things You Will Need
  • Database of friends

  • Product catalogs

Step 1.

Choose a home-interiors company. Ask around about the various companies and get different opinions. Look at their products, as well as the compensation plans and benefits.

Step 2.

Attend a party for the company you have selected. Sign up with the hostess.

Step 3.

Plan your launch party. Have the hostess with whom you signed up help you with all the details. She will likely bring over all her supplies and sample products to make sure your first party is a success.

Step 4.

Send invitations to all friends and family members who might be interested. Throw a great party for them, with fun extras like a raffle, food, margarita machines or entertainment. You want it to be memorable, because then your guests will be more likely to purchase items from the catalog -- as well as sign up to host their own parties, where you can earn more money.

Step 5.

Host more and more parties. Network with everyone you meet and tell them about what you do. You never know who might be interested in hosting a party at her house. Remember that one referral can lead to another, and another, and so on. Referrals will be your best friend. Good luck!


Have some extra-fun elements (margarita machines, appetizer bar, entertainment, etc.) to entice people into coming.


Don't be pushy. If someone doesn't want to come or doesn't want to purchase anything, don't make him feel uncomfortable