How to Start An Office Cleaning Business

Interested in starting a commercial cleaning business? Find out how to get started quickly and easily.

Office cleaning is a high-demand trade right now. With so many small business owner's trying to handle so many aspects of their business, there will always be a need for a professional cleaning service. Following are ways to get started in the office cleaning industry, for more detailed information, visit the link provided in the resources box below article.

To get started in a cleaning business for offices, you will need to locate potential clients and market to them individually. The best way to do target marketing for office cleaning is by direct contact. Personal contact is the best and most cost effective way to get clients for this type of business. Hiring a cleaning company requires a lot of trust in the person that will be in alone in their store and also hold a key to the door.

Begin by stopping by local businesses and deliver a flyer or brochure covering the services you provide. If possible, try to speak directly with the owner or manager to discuss the options available to them. Try to immediately determine if there is a need for an outside cleaning service. If the owner is not available, or busy at the time you stop in, try to set up a time to get back with them after they have had a chance to look over your information.

If you don't have time to visit each business in person, the next best technique is contact by phone. When calling, be sure to professionally introduce yourself as a local business. Try something like, "Hello, this is (your name) with ABC Cleaning here in (city). This immediately tells the person on the other end of the phone that you are not an out-of-town telemarketer. Once you have established who you are, you can begin to ask a few brief questions to find out if your services could be needed. If they are, simply set an appointment to come by and give an estimate.

Once you begin to get customers, you will need to very organized so that you know of any special requests that each client has asked for. Try carrying a small index card box or notebook with brief notes for the steps needed at each location. Another great idea is to use a standard checklist for each location with an area to write in extras needed. Take these with you to each job and check off each step as completed, this will keep you on track and avoid overlooking needed services. Visit Link Below In Resources Box For Much More Information