How to Start a Jewelry Business on a Small Budget

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You would like to start a jewelry business, but you don't have a lot of money. It's possible because there are ways to begin a business without a lot of money or almost no money at all. If you already have your creations made and just need to sell them, all you need is a free website, great friends, word of mouth, and your business could be going in no time.

Purchase your beading and stringing materials at low cost stores such as Walmart, Hobby Lobby or the Artbeads website.

Find other materials around the house in which you can use in your jewelry projects, such as buttons.

Purchase your first business cards from the Vistaprint website. You can order 250 business cards for free during specials and only pay shipping and handling.

Use the back of the business cards to place your earrings on. This can market your business and still allow a nice backing for earrings.

Place your projects in sandwich baggies as storage. This keeps them clean from dust or any other dirt.

Sign up for a free website at Officelive. Website building is easy as it offers a template and very easy instructions on building a website. This cuts all costs of hiring a Web designer.

Tell all of your friends, family about your website and jewelry business. Place fliers in your hometown. If your children attend school, offer to have your jewelry in gift bags for free advertisement.


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